Birth of an Idea


Purchased an old gothic church with the plans of renovating and making it a home. With 3 teenagers in tow, it was a huge challenge. They soon found their own "spaces" and we learned how to live in an unconventional place. Once the girls all left for college, we began gutting the old place and creating a space that transformed an old delapitated building into a very special home. During the transformation, it occurred to us that we should utilize the building and made plans (with the help of a local architect) to build a bed and breakfast. In 2018 we opened and began filling our guest rooms with people traveling from all over the country and Canada. It has been a wonderful experience hosting people and pampering them. 

Dan and I have always been "foodies." We catered in college and I owned my own catering business for several years. Cooking is in our blood. Over the years we talked of many ideas from owning our own restaurant to operating a food truck. We never pulled the trigger as it always seemed to be too big of a risk. But sometimes, great ideas form. Actually implementing them always seemed to slow us down until now....


Covid 19 changed everything......

As a thriving bed and breakfast, our reservations were plenty and we had quite a few events on the books from weddings to baby showers. Enter March of 2020 and it hits us like a bad storm in Tornado Alley. We started getting one cancellation after another as people's plans fell apart and traveling came to a sudden halt. At first we decided to shut down until the end of March...Then April showed up with more bad news. Ultimately, we closed down until the city gave us the "all clear" to reopen.

Needless to say, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and decided to finish up some old projects. One of those projects was a cookbook about salt and seasonings. As I began to gather my recipes, I realized that my love of salt could be shared. I started experimenting and with all of the extra time I was blessed to have and low and behold Salt Invasion was born! This will remain a business within a business as I have found creative ways to interweave the two. 

We thrive on  feedback and encourage our customers to let us know what they think. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.


Lisa Macheca

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